Saturday, January 22, 2011

7 Year Sentence Not the End of Everything Gayus Tambunan

A sense of dissatisfaction over the seven-year sentence imposed on convicted tax corruption case Gaius Halomoan Tambunan still voiced.

Deputy Coordinator of Indonesian Corruption Watch (ICW) Emerson Yuntho say, this seven-year sentence is far from the sense of justice. However, if you see dijeratkan cases, punishment is appropriate given.

As is known, the judge imposed sentence on January 19, and tax-related corruption cases PT SAT USD 570 million. Sentence seven years is not the end of everything for Gaius. According to Emerson, there is a line of cases that awaited him.

"Viewed from the aspect of sense of justice, the verdict was disappointing, but from a small case. It's a case of PT SAT which USD 570 million. The verdict is not the end of everything," said Emerson in a polemic discussion Gaius After the verdict in Jakarta, Saturday (22 / 1 / 2011).

Current status Gaius suspect for several cases, including cases of alleged graft and money laundering over the ownership of the assets of Rp 28 billion and Rp 75 billion, cases of alleged passport forgery, and cases of alleged bribe prison officials.

Member of Commission III, Martin Hutabarat, hope, the police must be able to demonstrate professionalism in following up a series of cases of Gaius who is now waiting for him.

"The legal process for the second volume to Gaius processed immediately. If the police insist, he must replace all penyidiknya since yesterday (previous case) we see is not credible," said a member of this Gerindra Party.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Indonesia oil prices should be Lowered Again

Prices of fuel oil (fuel) subsidies must be lowered immediately return related decrease in world oil prices. "Prices should fall again to the figure of Rp 4,500, or both diesel price premium in accordance with keekonomiannya and the decline will not burden the government budget because it is the cost of production," said members of the House of Representatives Commission V Enggartiasto Lukita as quoted Antara in Cirebon, (21/12).

According to Enggar, if the decline occurred, the public transportation fares should fall significantly at least 15 percent to drive the rill. "I requested the Director General of Land Transportation immediately create a new tariff formula so that when the Government announced the new fuel prices lower, have shown how much the fare decrease," said DPP Chairman of the Golkar field of Energy Management Resources.

He explains, a decrease of six percent due to a decrease in fuel recently considered are still not sufficient. "But I have a public transport fares down after the government announced a decrease in the next fuel, which is not now," he said.

Not only fuel, Enggar also ask for the reduced price of gas Liquefied petroleum gas and coal so that businessmen can do business efficiency.

"The price of gas Liquefied petroleum gas must be down because the price is above the economy. The Government must be consistent with the decision to sell at the price of economy," he said caleg now become number 1 in Dapil VIII sections.

Source: Ant


Ask KADIN 9 Recommendations

Facing the impact of the global economic crisis to the front, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (KADIN) to the nine recommendations to the government and hope. Said Kadin General Chairman MS Hidayat in the General Assembly V Kadin with the theme 'Building Regional Economic Resurrection for National Economy' at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Senayan, Jakarta, Sunday (21/12).

The contents of these recommendations include:
First, stabilize the economy by stabilitasi maintain stability of the rupiah, restore inter-bank transactions, and the availability of liquidity and adequate funding for the business sector.

Second, according to Hidayat, providing signs regulations to prevent financial problems that have the potential systemic mechanisms with a clear and can be immediately implemented if the drisis banking liquidity.

Third, the stimulus package to accelerate the availability of a significant and include tax incentives for the sector of labor and the SME and the acceleration of the tax restitution.

Fourth, accelerate the implementation of effective fiscal expansion, especially for optimal absorption of infrastructure development, education and health.

Fifth, to accelerate the implementation of the policies of agro sector, food energy through close coordination between ministries and antaar center and the regions.

Sixth, the government also asked to review the tax return with a goal penrurnan or tax exemptions for certain goods to increase domestic demand.

Seventh, encourage the acceleration of the implementation of infrastructure projects that hit many obstacles, and the development of creative industries.

Eighth, to the opportunity cost of logistics dipelabuhan efficiency, cost klistrik peak hours and so forth and rationalization of various fees and charge both decided and the region.

Ninth, continue to promote Thailand as a place to make investment attractive and protection of the domestic market from contraband goods mellaui mechanism that the WTO agreed.



Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mumbai terror Damage Peace

WASHINGTON - President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari again voiced about the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India. In his writings published in The New York Times yesterday, Zardari said the attacks in Mumbai aimed disrupt the peace process Pakistan and India that are still running stagnating and want to provoke conflict between the two countries.

"Mumbai attacks aimed directly not only to India, but also a new democratic government of Pakistan and the peace process with India that has been started," Zardari write.

"Supporting otoritarianisme in Pakistan and actors nonnegara with private interests to perpetuate the conflict do not want Pakistan to develop." He asked the business dilipatgandakan peace and the two countries can work together to combat the threat of terrorism.

"To counteract terrorism design, the two big countries of Pakistan and India, together with the birth of the revolution and the same mandate in 1947, should continue to move forward with the peace process."

Zardari said reconciliation and the approach is the best retaliation against black power that tries to provoke a confrontation between Pakistan and India, and the war against civilization. "

Comments Zardari is shown after Pakistan officials yesterday revealed their midst check someone suspected to be key players Mumbai attacks.

Attacks in the capital of the Indian business travel 172 people, including nine actors. India says tenth of the attacker came from Pakistan and they also submit a list of the 20 terrorist suspects with arrest and demand ekstradisinya.

Zardari stressed, catching terror suspects planners Mumbai with the other 15 people last week as evidence country is committed to fight terrorism. "As shown in a raid last Sunday, which resulted arrest militant, Pakistan will take nonnegara actors in our region, treating them as criminal, terrorist and murderer," he said.

Despite the arrest of people suspected of attacks mengotaki Mumbai, Islamabad would not give one any suspects to India. Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said even ready to face even the worst conditions because they do not deliver.


40 Million People More Experience Hunger

ROME, first - target of reducing by half the number of inhabitants from the world hunger by 2015 the lines difficult to achieve. Food and Agricultural Organization or FAO, Tuesday (9 / 12), asserts, the target is difficult because this year alone more than 40 million people of the world's future acute hunger.

"In many countries, the target of reducing by half the world's population that hunger to be a difficult to direct," said FAO Director General Jacques Diouf in a press conference in Rome. Target of reducing by half the world's population that hunger is one of the Millennium Development Goals (Millennium Development Goals), which is set in 2000.

"This is the sad reality that can not be accepted in the morning to the 21 century," said Diouf. "Moreover, the target reduction of half of the population that hunger by 2015 can not be morally acceptable," he added.

Global food crisis

Global food crisis has added more than 40 million people in the entrance level of hunger this year. Thus, the total population of the world's hunger to be 963 million people from around 6.5 billion world population at this time.

Diouf, which launched the annual report concerning the world food mentioned, especially the food crisis experienced by poor families, those who have no land, women heads of households. In the report "State of Foods Insecurity in the World 2008," Diouf called rich countries to invest 30 billion U.S. dollars per year in agriculture. Mentioned, this figure is only about 8 percent of agricultural subsidies in developed countries issued.

"Some 30 billion U.S. dollars, there is apanya than subsidies and support from OECD countries, there is no meaning than the billions of U.S. dollars spent all countries that are building to overcome the financial crisis that is happening," he said. OECD (Organization for Development and Economic Cooperation) has developed 24 countries.