Sunday, December 21, 2008

Indonesia oil prices should be Lowered Again

Prices of fuel oil (fuel) subsidies must be lowered immediately return related decrease in world oil prices. "Prices should fall again to the figure of Rp 4,500, or both diesel price premium in accordance with keekonomiannya and the decline will not burden the government budget because it is the cost of production," said members of the House of Representatives Commission V Enggartiasto Lukita as quoted Antara in Cirebon, (21/12).

According to Enggar, if the decline occurred, the public transportation fares should fall significantly at least 15 percent to drive the rill. "I requested the Director General of Land Transportation immediately create a new tariff formula so that when the Government announced the new fuel prices lower, have shown how much the fare decrease," said DPP Chairman of the Golkar field of Energy Management Resources.

He explains, a decrease of six percent due to a decrease in fuel recently considered are still not sufficient. "But I have a public transport fares down after the government announced a decrease in the next fuel, which is not now," he said.

Not only fuel, Enggar also ask for the reduced price of gas Liquefied petroleum gas and coal so that businessmen can do business efficiency.

"The price of gas Liquefied petroleum gas must be down because the price is above the economy. The Government must be consistent with the decision to sell at the price of economy," he said caleg now become number 1 in Dapil VIII sections.

Source: Ant