Saturday, January 22, 2011

7 Year Sentence Not the End of Everything Gayus Tambunan

A sense of dissatisfaction over the seven-year sentence imposed on convicted tax corruption case Gaius Halomoan Tambunan still voiced.

Deputy Coordinator of Indonesian Corruption Watch (ICW) Emerson Yuntho say, this seven-year sentence is far from the sense of justice. However, if you see dijeratkan cases, punishment is appropriate given.

As is known, the judge imposed sentence on January 19, and tax-related corruption cases PT SAT USD 570 million. Sentence seven years is not the end of everything for Gaius. According to Emerson, there is a line of cases that awaited him.

"Viewed from the aspect of sense of justice, the verdict was disappointing, but from a small case. It's a case of PT SAT which USD 570 million. The verdict is not the end of everything," said Emerson in a polemic discussion Gaius After the verdict in Jakarta, Saturday (22 / 1 / 2011).

Current status Gaius suspect for several cases, including cases of alleged graft and money laundering over the ownership of the assets of Rp 28 billion and Rp 75 billion, cases of alleged passport forgery, and cases of alleged bribe prison officials.

Member of Commission III, Martin Hutabarat, hope, the police must be able to demonstrate professionalism in following up a series of cases of Gaius who is now waiting for him.

"The legal process for the second volume to Gaius processed immediately. If the police insist, he must replace all penyidiknya since yesterday (previous case) we see is not credible," said a member of this Gerindra Party.