Monday, November 17, 2008

8 From 10 Chinese Entrepreneur confused

Paris - Increasing Chinese economy is also followed by an increase in stress among the businessman. Imagine, 8 of 10 Chinese businessmen reported stress, according to a research.

Numbers jump that far exceeds colleagues in Europe that have working hours per week, at least in the world. Also exceeded their colleagues in Taiwan, India and Russia.

Therefore, the results of research and consulting firm of accountants Grant Thornton found that 84 percent of the executives of companies that disurveinya experienced an increase in stress, such as AFP This, in Paris, France, on Thursday (31/5/2007).

The level of stress in Taiwan is 82 percent, India is 79 percent and 76 percent are Russian. In general, the level of stress in the world increased 56 percent, based on a 7200 survey, employers in 32 countries.

"The level of stress continues to increase worldwide, with special attention to business leaders in countries that are increasing the economies of China, India and Russia," said the research results.

In Europe, business managers to stress that more light. For example in Sweden, only about 27 percent who felt more stress than last year.

The figures also not much different look in Ireland that only 35 percent and 37 percent in France, Britain and the Netherlands. Meanwhile in the United States slightly higher, 43 percent.

Research is also calculates the average working hours of business leaders in the world is 53 hours per week. Working hours is the India and Argentina, which is 57 hours. Europe is a cut, 50 hours.

"Hours of work per week is shorter in Europe describe the stress level is lower in the world, which marks the businessman-European business people who may lead the way in the world memanajemen balance work with the quality of life," said the study.