Monday, November 17, 2008

10 Company of Origin China Ready to Invest in Energy Sector

As many as 10 large companies origin China is ready to invest in Indonesia in the energy sector with a value of U.S. $ 1.5 billion.

Executive Chairman of the Indonesian Chinese Investment Cooperation M. Jusuf Rizal said, the government is currently conducting the mediation of the Chinese businessmen. "From the results, we have to gather 10 companies who are ready to invest here," Jusuf said in Jakarta today.

According to him, a sector that investors dilirik China is energy. From the amount of U.S. $ 500 million has been realized for the development of electricity in West Java. Funds that are used in the development of the electricity in PT Jawa Power, which is located in the West Serang. "The rest is projected realized this year," he said.

In addition to the energy sector, some other sectors that are also attractive, mining, telecommunications, maritime affairs and fisheries, and plantations.

However, according to him, the origin of Chinese entrepreneurs ready to invest in Indonesia if the government also undertook steps that can memperlacar business is proper. The government requested, among others, can eliminate high-cost economy. Moreover, with the new government, the businessmen want to update it (the changes).