Sunday, November 16, 2008

Iraq Open Tender drilling Natural Gas

Jakarta: Minister of the Iraqi oil industry Hussain al-Shahristani invite local companies and foreign oil for the auction contract penggarapan natural gas fields in the area of Sunny which is located in the western part of Iraq.

The ministry official site on Sunday (23 / 3) mentioned that the deadline for the delivery of the proposal to tender for the management of the Akkas gas field ends on 24 April future. Natural gas fields is located in Anbar Province. Akkas gas fields is estimated to save more natural gas reserves of 2.15 trillion cubic feet.

Most Iraqi oil drilling sites located in the northern Kurdish region and the Shiite south. Akkas field development is expected to increase the joy of the economy in Sunni areas. In the early stages Akkas field could be in production to 50 million cubic feet per day and will increase to 500 million cubic feet per day in the next stage. The results of drilling can be flowed through Syria to Europe.

Iraq is a country where the third largest oil reserves in the world with the estimation of oil reserves of 115 billion barrels and 112 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.