Sunday, November 16, 2008

World oil price of U.S. $ 65

World oil prices touched the highest levels for more than three months of this, to reach U.S. $ 65 New York and 64 dollars in London, due to increased Geopolitical tensions in Iran and Nigeria.

The main New York contract, the price of crude oil in February, 1:46 jumped 65.38 dollars into dollars per barrel in electronic trading. The increase occurred earlier to 65.53 dollars the highest since Oct. 3 last year.

In London, the price of Brent crude North Sea for March delivery rose 95 cents to be 64.13 dollars per barrel. The February contract closed yesterday reached 62.93 dollars per barrel.

Tuesday, the March contract reached 64.28 dollars, the best level since 29 September last year.
"In trading Tuesday crude oil Brent North Sea and New York will rise to the front because of the start enrichment of Iran's nuclear program and problem in supply from Nigeria," said analysts from the Sucden Brokerage.