Sunday, November 16, 2008

Leadership Style Paradise

According to Peter F Drucker, irrespective of the leadership not regard culture (the culture) that disandang by the dilayaninya. Culture that even appear as an integrated part in the overall leadership, the a kind commonly called a frame style (style), until there is a terminology leadership style of leadership style Japanese or Chinese or Western style of leadership and so on.
Leadership responsible for taking the mission of the institution dilayaninya, to operate based on cultural and leadership activities assigned to each manjadi productive work and to make every academic work, do so based napas, spirit and soul of culture. In managing the social impact and social responsibility, the existence and activities of institutions dilayaninya, do so in The leaders of the culture.

In East and Southeast Asia perhaps we can without doubt talk about Japanese culture, Korean culture, Chinese culture and culture of Indonesia in addition to the cultures of other, more local and regional nature. About the Indonesian culture, which, according to Ki Hadjar Dewantara is the peak from all areas of culture, which then interact each other and adapting slowly dissolve into one personality. Style of leadership that is taught Ki Hadjar Dewantara, 'Ing Ngarso Sung Tulodho, Ing Madyo Mangun Karso, Tut Wuri Handayani', namely in the future should have, in the middle of must support and must follow behind, is one style of leadership with the cultural foundation of Indonesia .
We also know the style of leadership mba Brata, the leadership has the nature of the sun, moon, stars, wind, fire, clouds, ocean and earth. Leaders who have the nature of the sun, should be able to give a fervent spirit and strength of spirit to the children fruit.
Leaders with the nature of the month, should be interesting, providing a beautiful work atmosphere, and association, and appears to make light of the darkness.
Leaders who have the nature of stars, must be able to provide the correct direction for an organization or a travel institutions. Leaders must also have the nature of the wind. He should be able to communicate with the good, capable and motivated children can fill the shortage of fruit expression with soothing words, not disapprovingly. Leaders with the nature of the fire, can behave firmly, without perceiving the guilty downy minute without hesitating. The nature of the cloud has a strong authority, at once respected beloved people. Leaders must also have the nature of ocean and earth. Namely leaders must be able to accommodate all the problems, remain patient and calm in providing solutions. He also must be resolute and strong foundation but also ready to hear from any input to be considered.
History proves that the storm hiding and the period of time, not able to change the basic principle-agent culture. Namely the belief in the Dzat the Most High, the Almighty Creator and togetherness in the context kegotongroyongan. But sociologically, the basic culture of leadership is the leadership of Indonesia paguyuban.
Messenger PBUH said "Allah created Adam, with eight children nature. Four experts to the nature of heaven, namely that sweet face, a fluent oral, sacred hearts and hands that provide assistance, and the nature of the four experts for the Fire, which is a certain kind of face glum, the vile speech, a hard heart, hands that would not membantuî . Leaders on morals with a sweet face, a fluent oral, sacred hearts and hands that give aid is a Leadership Style Paradise