Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cisco TelePresence, Improve Global Business Competition

Business people who need the freedom movement in the era of information technology (IT) at this time can be helped best by the presence of Cisco TelePresence. The progress of this technology will provide the ability to meet "in person" is charming and safe for business, an easy phone call.
Cisco worked closely with the provider-service provider for the development of Cisco TelePresence architecture inter-company. Cisco TelePresence combines advanced audio, video, high equipment and interactive collaboration with the network as a platform to generate a virtual meeting experience that has never been available before.
"Cisco TelePresence is a new product category with the most rapid growth in Cisco's history," said Tony Seno Hartono, Advanced Tech-nology Director, Cisco Systems Philippines. "The ability to inter-personal communication and interoperability features increase the list of benefits that can be taken in the business get the benefits of competition in the global business environment."
The ability to use Cisco TelePresence with complete security and quality of service between organizations allows organizations to benefit from the increasingly close relationship with customers, supply chain connections that the meetings, discussions, negotiations and personal customer service, or better, all remain friendly on the environment.
Cisco TelePresence is used by many organizations to speed decision making, improve cross-cultural communication, to measure the rare resources, and market products more quickly.
In addition to helping provider-service provider of commercial services for implementing Cisco TelePresence inter-company through a reference architecture that has been fully validated, Cisco also announced the ability to video conference with berinteroperasi based standards.