Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pertamina reduce crude oil import

Jakarta: PT Pertamina will reduce imports of crude oil from overseas in line plan to get crude oil supply from the contractor for the results of the British Petroleum (BP) from the field, Arjuna, West Java.

Assistant Manager Programming Crude Oil Pertamina Nina Sulistyowati said there is a commitment from BP to procure crude oil by 250 thousand barrels per quarter starting early next year. "That will be done during a one-year contract," he told journalists at Anyer, Thursday (24/11).

According to Nina, the program for the purchase of crude oil from the contractor for the results is one of the efforts to reduce oil imports. Some of the results of other contractors are also interested, but they experienced because of obstacles have been committed by buyers overseas.

Nina added, with the purchase crude oil in the country, then Pertamina can save transportation costs. "If I buy from overseas transport costs high enough," he added.