Monday, November 17, 2008

Hedge Fund Russia threatened bankruptcy

Moscow, Hedge fund or investment company began the impact of global crisis. In Russia, nearly 50 percent Hedge fund would.

Bankruptcy was triggered by the withdrawal of funds Hedge fund, in addition to the investment performance of the fall.

"If they do not terkapitalisasi well then they can not maintain themselves," says Hedge fund experts from the Russian-Fentham Fletcher, as quoted Reuters, Friday (24/10/2008).

Hedge fund in Russia most of the berinventasi in equitas or shares with a minimum of hedging. And as a result, Hedge fund terkoreksi out anjloknya subsequent stock market, especially in Russia.

Shares in Russia have anjlok as much as 70 percent since the beginning of this year. Christoph Kampitsch, Head of alternative Investments Erste Bank says there are around 75 Hedge funds operating in Russia but in January the next month this number will continue to be down 25 Hedge fund.

Hedge fund in Russia has developed well before eventually have to accept the bitter pill global financial crisis. Now hegde fund investors in Russia prefer to attract investment and choose a more secure investment.

Not only in Russia, Hedge fund in the world have also experienced withdrawal of funds by investors. The level of yield is reduced because of the financial crisis.

Meanwhile, from Australia, investment companies are forced to freeze funds owned by investors worth U.S. $ 12 billion to prevent large-scale withdrawal by investors. Around two thirds from 20 top companies investing in Australia has blocked the redemption of its customers.

Withdrawal was due to the government to guarantee the banks in Australia. Because investors fear that the funds saved in the company's investment had disappeared, they eventually choose to save more in the bank a more secure Australia.

As cited by AFP, the three companies that have large investments freeze billions of dollars of investment fund clients, namely Everest Babcock & Brown, Perpetual Ltd and AXA Asia Pacific.