Wednesday, December 10, 2008

40 Million People More Experience Hunger

ROME, first - target of reducing by half the number of inhabitants from the world hunger by 2015 the lines difficult to achieve. Food and Agricultural Organization or FAO, Tuesday (9 / 12), asserts, the target is difficult because this year alone more than 40 million people of the world's future acute hunger.

"In many countries, the target of reducing by half the world's population that hunger to be a difficult to direct," said FAO Director General Jacques Diouf in a press conference in Rome. Target of reducing by half the world's population that hunger is one of the Millennium Development Goals (Millennium Development Goals), which is set in 2000.

"This is the sad reality that can not be accepted in the morning to the 21 century," said Diouf. "Moreover, the target reduction of half of the population that hunger by 2015 can not be morally acceptable," he added.

Global food crisis

Global food crisis has added more than 40 million people in the entrance level of hunger this year. Thus, the total population of the world's hunger to be 963 million people from around 6.5 billion world population at this time.

Diouf, which launched the annual report concerning the world food mentioned, especially the food crisis experienced by poor families, those who have no land, women heads of households. In the report "State of Foods Insecurity in the World 2008," Diouf called rich countries to invest 30 billion U.S. dollars per year in agriculture. Mentioned, this figure is only about 8 percent of agricultural subsidies in developed countries issued.

"Some 30 billion U.S. dollars, there is apanya than subsidies and support from OECD countries, there is no meaning than the billions of U.S. dollars spent all countries that are building to overcome the financial crisis that is happening," he said. OECD (Organization for Development and Economic Cooperation) has developed 24 countries.