Wednesday, December 10, 2008

EU Send Warship and aircraft to Somalia

Brussels, it - the European Union in their headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, on Monday (8 / 12) agreed to launch operations antiperompakan in the sea waters off the coast of Somalia. This operation will involve a number of warships and combat aircraft from several countries. Mission like this is the first held by the EU.

Group of 27 countries is emphasized, the mission will begin with three warships from the Greek, English and French. These ships will be supported by two spotter planes from the French maritime and Spain.

The strength of the sea this will be the fourth ship of war from Germany after mid-December of this. Involvement of the German war ship is still awaiting approval from the German Parliament in Berlin.

Action piracy are in the waters along the coast of Somalia this year. Action on most cruise lines in the world this has resulted in increased insurance costs. The raider also obtain millions of U.S. dollars as ransom.

A number of ships to the war were there to protect ships that trade across the waters. Defense, North Atlantic treaty (NATO) is to send a number of ships to the war there, but no effective action to prevent piracy.

"This EU mission official start Tuesday and this is the first EU operation in the sea area that became a highlight world," said the head of the EU Foreign Policy Javier Solana in a press conference. This mission will start its work with the possibility of using all means, including the power to protect and prevent any action piracy.

An EU official said, warships English and French are in the area. A Greek warship, Tuesday, is also moving to the area. Operational commander in the hands of the AL British force commander and war ships in the sea turns will be held every four months, starting from Greece, Spain, to the Netherlands.

95 piracy action

EU decision this occurs after about 95 action on piracy in Somali waters this year. There are other sources mentioned the 125 piracy action. Around 40 ships have successfully mastered the pirate, including Tanker Dog Star property giant Saudi Arabia. Tanker carrying crude oil are two million barrel with a value of 100 million U.S. dollars.

British Foreign Minister David Miliband told reporters that the mission is very important. "Piracy threatens European trade, but also global trade. The fact there are currently 19 ships that dominated the clear need to be released, "he said. There are a total of 300 crew who disekap.

Developments in Somalia, Ukrainian cargo ship, MV Faina, who disekap pirate since 25 September, failed in efforts to escape from the pirate. This incident took place Monday night. Some of the crew who tried to injure two pirate was killed.

MV Faina bring the 34 tank T-72 Russian-made weaponry and a number of dirompak at the Port Mombasa, Kenya. Pirate ransom ask around 3.5 million U.S. dollars for the release of the ship the goods. The agreement has been reached, but the payment of ransom, has not yet been made. This situation makes the controller of the pirate ship this frustration.