Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mumbai terror Damage Peace

WASHINGTON - President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari again voiced about the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India. In his writings published in The New York Times yesterday, Zardari said the attacks in Mumbai aimed disrupt the peace process Pakistan and India that are still running stagnating and want to provoke conflict between the two countries.

"Mumbai attacks aimed directly not only to India, but also a new democratic government of Pakistan and the peace process with India that has been started," Zardari write.

"Supporting otoritarianisme in Pakistan and actors nonnegara with private interests to perpetuate the conflict do not want Pakistan to develop." He asked the business dilipatgandakan peace and the two countries can work together to combat the threat of terrorism.

"To counteract terrorism design, the two big countries of Pakistan and India, together with the birth of the revolution and the same mandate in 1947, should continue to move forward with the peace process."

Zardari said reconciliation and the approach is the best retaliation against black power that tries to provoke a confrontation between Pakistan and India, and the war against civilization. "

Comments Zardari is shown after Pakistan officials yesterday revealed their midst check someone suspected to be key players Mumbai attacks.

Attacks in the capital of the Indian business travel 172 people, including nine actors. India says tenth of the attacker came from Pakistan and they also submit a list of the 20 terrorist suspects with arrest and demand ekstradisinya.

Zardari stressed, catching terror suspects planners Mumbai with the other 15 people last week as evidence country is committed to fight terrorism. "As shown in a raid last Sunday, which resulted arrest militant, Pakistan will take nonnegara actors in our region, treating them as criminal, terrorist and murderer," he said.

Despite the arrest of people suspected of attacks mengotaki Mumbai, Islamabad would not give one any suspects to India. Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said even ready to face even the worst conditions because they do not deliver.