Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bush dilapidation Open in Obama Ahead

Washington, THURSDAY - Some U.S. general retiree has met with several leading legal advisor to U.S. president elected, Barack Obama, Wednesday (4 / 12), for the urgent removal of the system of detention, interrogation and torture in the campaign quell terrorism.

Some retiree among the general met with Eric Holder, the solicitor general in the government that Obama will be appointed on January 20, is a former Central Komando Joseph Hoar and former Marine Corps commandant of the U.S. Charles Krulak.
"U.S. President elected, Obama, explaining, U.S. citizens do not deal with the persecution and the message is we should to the world that the U.S. is a nation that respects the law and against the persecution. Obama believes that the prohibition of torture will save U.S. citizens and help the recovery of the moral status of citizens U.S. in the world, "said an official rejected transition to mention identity. The state officials, meeting with the pensioner was held at the right time.

The pensioner general apply to the U.S. government to stop Obama interrogation methods of U.S. Central Bureau of Intelligence (CIA) which have been beyond the methods used by the U.S. military. In addition to closing strip detainees at the U.S. naval base Guantanamo Bay, the retiree also want diakhirinya transfer of detainees held by the CIA to other countries with known methods of applying the treatment.
In March President George W Bush veto the legislation proposed by several senior officer retiree who want no military interrogation methods used by the CIA. Obama never criticizes the use of torture in the interrogation methods of prisoners and promised close the Guantanamo military detention.
Government transition team explained the decision on a new policy on detainees will be compiled after the government appointed Obama and the legal team following the national security has been served.