Wednesday, December 10, 2008

F-18 aircraft in the Fall of the population Settlements

SAN DIEGO, MONDAY - A military jet F-18 owned by the U.S. Marine falls in the densely populated settlement in San Diego, California, USA, on Monday (8 / 12) local time. Pilotnya successful exit from the chair palm, but can not rely on this.

These incidents caused several houses and cars burned. Currently no information whether there are further casualties as a result of this accident.

Ed Costa (54), witnesses who live two blocks from the accident site around, he heard two very loud boom times. When the first crack occurred, he saw a black puff of smoke into the air. some time later, a second explosion resulted kilatan light from the location of the fall of the aircraft.

"Truly egregious, debris, rubble are everywhere," said Costa. His son, Dean (22) Jura feel the vibration strong enough from the house when the plane fell. When he was out to see at least two homes and several cars burned.

He Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Ian Gregor said the plane actually landed in the middle ready Pangkalan Miramar Marine Corps Air that is 2 miles (around 3.2 kilometers) from the accident location. Meanwhile, the U.S. Marine aircraft that have are still investigating the cause of the accident.

Gen. fall of F-18 aircraft have occurred in 2006 in Miramar. When the pilot is successful exit with chairs and palm survivors. Miramar ever used in the movie Top Gun is an operations center that is inhabited 10,000 marine crew. Previously operated the base of the Navy submitted to the U.S. before the 1996 Marine.