Friday, November 14, 2008

Capital Jewelry Wife

Jewelry is an object used as a garnish. Jewelry that we can use the wife of a necklace, ring or earrings. Jewelry is usually made of gold material. Wives get it from her jewelry (gold married) or when married parents from giving gifts or from the husband. I Jewelry is an investment that can be used to start a business.

Hajj Ate Tohi from the village of Hangu Sukagerang start the business capital of necklace, bracelet and earrings owned by his wife. "I can persuade my wife to merelakan necklace, bracelet and earrings to the capital. I'm actually embarrassed to reveal, because the jewelry I gave to my wife, not sold to the capital "said Ate Tohi. Although mertuanya as a businessman skin that is rich enough, but he embarrassed to ask for capital from mertuanya. With the capital jewelry business he started in the field jacket, because it received encouragement from friends and family accidentally. Ate Tohi has been since the young of the skin of older skin as a tanner.

The strategy is initially done in the exhibition in Jakarta in the 1990s by riding on the stand i-owned, it has not been able to rent a stand alone. After the exhibition, many customers are starting to come to a place Ate Tohi, even many people from foreign customers. During the crisis the company had obtained large profits. Even the industry experienced a boom time crisis, as the dollar jumped sharply, U.S. $ 1 penetrate the number Rp.16.000, -. He change the market share of 80% into the local export. Another strategy is to make it successful is the strategy in managing finances. It used principle of using ethnic Chinese, which is always controlling spending at the most 50% of the profits.

Currently Ate Tohi company that was founded more than 15 years ago and have turnover of more than Rp. 5 billion a month and has exported employees have more than 500 people. Leather tannery factory from Ate Tohi has developed into 2.4 hectares and will be developed with the production twice. He did the investment, because it considered that the skin business and bright future broad market.

This is also my nature. Travel business is not always smooth. Something that is owned by the wife berhargapun sometimes must be sacrificed time, to connect and maintain a position in which the business is not good.

"I specifically tears when to sell the ring with 2 grams of M. Suyanto" said my wife at the time to sell the gold ring we married in a gold shop, so this time we do not have a wedding ring. Ring to overcome difficulties in business that ply the results have not yet stabilized. Indeed, to start a business, we have to sacrifice his wife. Jewelry owned by the wife as the capital of beliefs. Hopefully, God's reply.