Friday, November 14, 2008

Get multiple benefits of

To benefit more done with a pleated mengotak-atik income and costs. Because the formula is the income benefits reduced cost. The first step is done with income menggenjot do with aggressive marketing. Revenue is the multiplication of the price with the volume of sales. Various marketing strategies used to increase the volume of sales, from the cost leadership strategy in a holistic strategy to differentiation. Not enough with that strategy, plus more focus, focus on the leadership of both costs and focus extensively on differentiation. Cost leadership strategy in a holistic weight advantages compared to competitors and price differentiation strategies on the benefits of the product, personnel, services, channels and the image compared to competitors. Meanwhile, to reduce costs by making efficiency soundly in all lines. Sometimes even lines on the development of human resources, facilities such as education, training, health benefits and sebagaya trimmed out. But thus trimming the cost of the development of human resources that the company is dropping, because the effect on the company's overall revenue. This caused the fall of the business to employees.

There are other ways to increase profits, which folded as the Ali bin Abi Talib. "O woman, whether you have something that can be eaten husband?" Question to his wife Fatimah Ali. "By Allah I do not have the skills, Namur is no money Dirham 6 from the results of wage twist hair. Money will I buy food for Hasan and Husayn "Fatimah responsibility. "O noble woman who, given money to me is 6 Dirham" said Ali. Fatima and 6 Dirham give money to Ali bin Abi Talib. After the money is received, Ali outside the house with the intention to buy food for both her sons. Suddenly in the middle of the road he met a man that said "Who would meminjami God, the Controlling Dzat and certainly He will fulfill his promise." Ali eventually approach the person with the money Dirham 6 under the house from a bit of dibelikan to eat their children. After the money was given directly Ali home.

When Fatima knows her husband to return home without bringing any food, he continued to cry. See his wife crying, Ali directly asked "O noble woman, what you crying?". "O Messenger of Allah uncle, son, I see you bring home with no food iota" Fatimah responsibility. "O noble woman, I have 6 Dirham menghutangkan money was to God" said Ali. "If you do, that I agree" said Fatimah.

Then Ali bin Abi Talib out trying to place the Messenger of Allah, suddenly in the middle of the road he met a Bedouin who are guided camel. Ali then approached the Bedouin, the Bedouin said "Father, Hasan, buy this camel." "I do not have the money to buy a fully untamu's" Ali said. Bedouin: "I sell camel dihutangkan this way." Ali: "If so, how this harunta you selling?". Bedouin: "I sell it with the price of 100 Dirham." Ali: "OK, I bought this camel, but only after the payment later I get the money."

After the Ali bin Abi Talib camels lead the new purchasing. But not so much by Ali to face a Bedouin others, who asked him "Father Moore, whether you want to sell camels you plug it?". Ali: "True, I want to sell this camel." Bedouin: "How much does it cost?". Ali: "The price of 300 camels this Dirham." Bedouin: "OK, I buy untamu with the price."

After the Bedouin to approve the price, he immediately pay 300 Dirham in cash to Ali. After receiving the payment, Ali control of the she-camel to the Bedouin was. Then he returned to his home. Fatimah know when her husband came, he with the smile of love saying, as practices that do every time he welcomed the advent of her husband. Fatimah then asked him "Father Hasan, what you take today?". "O daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, I have to buy an animal with a camel dihutang how to pay for 100 Dirham. I then sell the camel with the price of 300 Dirham in cash "replied Ali. "I agree only on what you do, provided that bring death and improvement" said Fatimah.

After chatting with Fatimah is enough, he went out again to the right Messenger. At the time he entered the door of the mosque Prophet with a smile and see when Ali is near, he said, "Father Moore, whether you talked to me that, or I give the news to you?". "You just give the news to me," replied Ali. The Messenger of Allah said, "Father Moore, whether you already understand, is actually a Bedouin camel to sell it, and both the Bedouin who buy?". Ali: "Allah and His Messenger know better." Messenger: "Lucky once you are lucky ... ... ... ... ... .... Lucky ... ... ... O Ali, you have trust with 6 Dirham God, Allah memberimu 300 Dirham as a substitute for every Dirham get 50 Dirham. The Bedouin are the first Gabriel, while the second is Israfil. " According to the history of other states that the first person to sell the camel is Gabriel, while the second is Michael.