Friday, November 14, 2008

Starting Business Law

When I return home, on the day of Idul Fitri my friend for me, that he will aspire to become entrepreneurs (Entrepreneurs). A year later I met my friend again, and then I asked "What is so businessmen." He said "not yet, I have my capital (capital)." Nevertheless, he still aspire to be entrepreneurs. On the day of Eid ul-Fitr next I met my friend again, and the iapun not become entrepreneurs. I remember the story hehe. He said in front of the King Aaron Ar-Rashid that he will be flying. Hehe hear the word of the King Aaron Ar-Rasid said in his heart "So this is my opportunity to defeat hehe." Then Aaron King Ar-Rashid said, "O hehe. What was katamu? ". "Sorry, the King, when the stage gave me a high, the servants will be flying from the stage" said hehe. "Let hehe, I will make a higher stage, but after the Friday prayer front of you should have been preparing to fly" said the King should be Ar-Rashid. "The servant ready to" answer hehe. A week later, after the Friday prayer, people have gathered in the plaza to witness hehe will be flying. Hehe wait to be king of the Ar-Rashid under the stage around the tower 12 meters high. Shortly Aaron King and the Ar-Rashid arrived in the plaza that dielu welcome by the people, then approached hehe. "You are ready Abu?" Ask Aaron King. "It is the" responsibility hehe. Hehe then climb the stage to the high above. Then he was greeted with a standing-please please panic, "How hehe flying from the stage without bringing any equipment. If the fall hehe surely die "gumam in their hearts. Hehe lift one foot and swing-ayunkan both hands like a bird will fly. Then replace the one who appointed one foot and tilt-sliding his hands again. The act was hehe repeated so that people feel bored hehe see the whimsy, and they cry "He said you will be flying. Kok only once. " Hehe replied "I only said I will be flying. During this I see. I will be flying now. " Aaron see him smiling behavior and answers hehe, and the feel lost. Hehe be given prizes. That is, if you will only become a businessman, then forever will be the only businessman and never become a businessman. This is because there are legal start a business.

Start a legal business such as law styles of a String object. It is my style, since my high school class one. My teacher said that the objects that have a quiet style String relatively higher compared with a moving object. Style It occurred when the objects will move. Similarly start in the business (business). When will start a business, big obstacle. After running the business, the obstacle is relatively small. Bottlenecks occurred during the first day of opening a business. My neighbor says to me "Pak Yanto when I open the shop on the first day, a horror house gusty once. But after running my shop, I do not seribut on the first day I open the shop. " That is the law to start a business.