Friday, November 14, 2008

Learning From Failure

Failure is a label that often we connect with an action that is not successful, and so applied, the label is to make people who said we could not afford. This is the spirit lower our people to become successful. At the moment we are still small, the failure does not have meaning, because we do not have the concept of "failure". If we have the concept of failure, then we will not be able to speak, will not be able to write and will not be running. Due to speak, write and walk through failure that must be incalculable amount. Similarly in the business world can also emulate a failure in our infancy and we can learn from the failure.

Coca-Cola experienced a failure in the first year of sales. Sales made by Coca-Cola beverages in place in the front desk and spend 73.96 dollars to the campaign through banner ads and coupons. Failure to make the Coca-Cola to create awareness of other media, the mass media, which have more strength disbanding other media at that time and promote Coca-Cola with the atmosphere of merriment.

Matsushita accounted for the first time is a plug adapter. This adapter has indeed diusulkannya to her employer earlier but did not get a response. To create this product, along with four Matsushita i take four months. Once the product is so, it appeared that no one would buy this product.

In 1993, Compaq, which at the time as the sale of the PC market leaders, through cutting the price to rival Dell. The result Dell Computer suffer losses 65 million dollars in the first six months, which caused almost bankrupt. Dell to learn from failure. He tried to find other ways to sell computers. Dell eventually make a very fundamental change in business process re-engineering that is called. in the business introduce the E-Commerce. In 1999, Dell can sell 1.7 million dollars per day through the site E-Commercnya. Dell shares rose 2,000 percent in two years. Dell is able to compete with world-class companies such as IBM, Compaq, HP, and Bell-NEC. Even the market share and profits continue to increase and eventually become the largest PC seller in the world.

When I started the business with friends, I experienced repeated failure of the back. I started with the failure of a book salesman, salesmen telex by phone, and car salesmen pengkilap materials. Primagama that only get 2 students in this campaign has been doing quite frequently. CV. Wijaya, the company that serves the car care services, which eventually die. Similarly start a business center computer education "IMKI", only 3 students and AMIKOM trusted by only 6 students. I'm with friends to try to learn from failure, and then make corrections and fix mecoba to achieve success.