Friday, November 14, 2008

Four Star In the World of Work

Online News Business Strategy According to the Gallup Poll, using mathematics and interpolation roughly, the following conclusions. If there are 1,000 individuals is a "type-Columbian" explorers who receive all the credit that has economic value, with each assume that they have 10 members adjuvant world class players around them - 10 people which is very important that without them, there would be no economic miracle, then the amount to be 10,000. Then multiplied by 10,000 builders big business again by 10 to determine roughly the amount of economic developer who needed to continue to support GDP growth in the United States. Ten thousand multiplied by 10 (to account for and give credit to the dominance of employment in small-to medium-size companies, which make up about 70% of the workforce the United States) together with 100,000. In other words, only 100,000 stars of various sizes to create growth is estimated to countries the United States, a country with a population of more than 300 million people.

Here is the part that's important for leaders: 100,000 stars of this growth will have made anywhere they live. If they have to prepare all the shops in Sioux Falls, Kansas City, and Fargo, all that happens in the U.S. Midwest. If all these groups have been living in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, or, $ 10 trillion will magically appear in Brazil. Math is simple. One Star-per-$ 100 million from GDP growth.

If you want to ask how to improve significantly to GDP your city, we will say you must find and develop the 10 stars. And you must make to become the incubator of the best talent possible. Incubator is your energy and workers for the future. This will take some time to see the results you want, but you will not get them if you do not start with 10 stars. The only other alternative is to buy growth, as the company, with the acquisition. Leaders of the company's acquisition vs. organic growth all the time problem, and they know that organic growth is the best long-term strategy for every community organizations or persons.

To get a better idea, then how do identify with the stars, namely the team that has the characteristics of successful in business, political leaders and non-profit institutions. Only four or category code that is required to classify them all.

1) innovators

Innovators get ideas that create new products, new markets, the value of shares, and incubate thousands of jobs.

They are often beaten by their discovery while working by an organization - a hospital, government, a company - or most often during their university studies. They are as possible, however, to follow them through the discovery of outside organizations as the inside. In any case, the discovery created the next big wave energy to increase economic activities and some of the hatchery work.

What makes a star innovator not only their creative capacity, but they are also rare talent for innovation in all aspects of their lives. The brilliant ideas are often born from the search for solutions to difficult problems, and new innovations that can solve problems and realize the idea. However, they are not necessarily those who bring to the market.

2) Employers

Employers are most recognized as a super-salespeople or rainmakers. Employers are those who see the picture, realize the potential, describes the steps necessary to make the idea a reality, and then bring innovators together with supporters to form a new business. Employers make money in their career or a new idea, whether this new business or new initiatives in an organization. Employers that rare gift of optimism and determination, which is, and will probably remain, new resources, the most valuable in the world. Optimism and determination of the more valuable in the equation of creativity and innovation because they are rarer.

It is also important to recognize the "social entrepreneurs" in this category, because they are the same importance to building heat, the growth of the city. Social surges from the businessman to provide positive energy through philanthropies. The work carried out by this increase cultural city, and they always increase the welfare of the community. Enterprisers social This not only creates a better city, they are economic and organizational work machines hatchery.

3) superstar

Superstar is a pursuer of achievement is very rare that a creative, talented people in extraordinary art, entertainment or sports. They are known as writers, singers, musicians, artists, chefs, architects, actors, fashion designers, politicians, football players and basketball, etc.. Famous people (celebrities) the need category because they are valuable as a magnet for the city where they live and work. But mostly because they are the economic engine for themselves. They create a new energy economy through the big movies, books, concerts and sports championship. Things that they do, related business to promote them, causing them to obtain support continuously.

4) Super Mentor

Innovator, Entrepreneurs, and the terandalkan superstars, whether they know it or not, they have a genius keamapuan developers. They seemed as Super Mentor. They are people who say, "You can make an idea for the company. I will be the investors for you. "Or," We need support from professors back the idea. Professor need laboratory in the city. "Or," Let's start youth programs are best for the country. "

There are several types of Super Mentor. Often they are "father-city," wealthy businessman who has a deep concern about their city. They can be leaders in higher education institutions or charitable or religious leader or a CEO. Sometimes they are only ordinary citizens who have a deep commitment to the place they live and have the ability to find and encourage talent that has not terasah. In any case, the Super Mentor has a distinctive to identify and develop young stars and with the strong guiding hand and lead them.

Super Mentor also has the capacity to provide support and broad participation in local initiatives that will not happen without support. The growth of the city's best and fastest in the world run in the informal, not-selected group of Super Mentor. They work outside the local government and meet regularly to determine strategies and activities to help the city and the community to win the competition.

One can state that these groups make a Super Mentor greater and more positive towards the city from conducting local government. They have many or more for access to money and influence people as the government leaders who run their jobs, and they have many advantages with speed and fewer obstacles. And they serve a critical function - they are a fire innovators and entrepreneurs.