Friday, November 14, 2008

Self actualization World leaders and Entrepreneurs

Abraham Maslow examines the figures of the world's people called extraordinary. These figures among others, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Goethe, DT SUSUKI, Benjamin Franklin, William Russell, Jane Addams, William James and figures of the other world. These people are called teraktualisasi himself. Features the most universal and the public from these figures is their ability to see life with a clear view of what life is not according to their desire, be patient, be more objective on the results of their observations, personal desires are not misleading their observation, have in kemampuanjauh above average in terms of assessing the appropriate people in the dive and falsity. Generally, the choice of partner in their marriage far better than average, even if not perfect.

Owing to the perception that they are powerful, figures that this teraktualisasi themselves more firmly and have a more clear understanding of right and wrong. They predict more telling of events that will occur. The ability to see efficient, more accurate rate on those "a man full of" this was also to infiltrate the life of other many, in the form of understanding not only of the people but the art, music, issues and political philosophy. Figures tersebutmampu penetrate and see the realities-confusing reality completely hidden in a more nimble and more tapat than the average person.

However, they are humble, able to listen to other people with full patience, would acknowledge that they do not know everything and want to learn from other people. Other people will be able to teach them something. Perception is a powerful part of the birth and in understanding better about themselves. This concept can also be depicted as a simple nature in children and lacking ostentation. Children often listen without prakonsepsi or previous assessment. As the children of the world with wide eyes, far from critics and without sin, to observe the problem is, without challenge or demands of the matter.

God: "O Moses, if you understand why I speak directly to you." Moses: "You Know Most of it all." God: "I know every human heart, but did not see a more humble, such as hearts, because it's having a direct talk." Demikialah word of God that He Kaa'ab Al-Ahbar.