Friday, November 14, 2008

Starting from the Education Business

Many complained that to open a business opportunity is not there. This is a classic complaint that can not be with us again. Indeed, to start a business we can do with a variety of ways, one with the education that we have. Jerry Yang and David Filo, the founders of Yahoo start a business with education. They are students from Stanford University. Yahoo started from the back parking lots is now growing rapidly. Jerry Yang and David Filo started the business from small and simple. Jerry Yang describes the discovery that Yahoo is "an accident" when he and Filo tesisnya complete. Filo and that this launch Yahoo when they sit in the universities, before they complete studies. They start doing business with the listing several web sites that they like and write some software that allows a website to get other web sites that will be placed on a web portal called. At the time established in 1994, named Terry's Guide To The World Wide Web. When they know that their sites visited by people from 90 countries, spontaneously say "Yahoo" and finally the words that are used to name their company. In 1999, Yahoo reach star status. Net income in quadruplicate fourth quarter of 57.6 million dollars, while revenue jump from 91 million dollars into 201 million dollars. Now, Yahoo is the best portal in 2002.

Kiichiro Toyoda is the son of the founder of the company Toyoda Spinning & Weaving Co., which moves in the field of automatic loom. After completing engineering studies, he decided to start a business with the company to change the car into production and change the company name from Toyoda become Toyota in the year 1936. Kiichiro Toyoda became President of the company's Toyota until 1950. The first car made the Model AA Model and the Crown. Overseas offices established in Taiwan is first and then Saudi Arabia. Company starters began to produce forklift trucks (vessel / trailer), which made the number one company in the world in this market. Trucks entering the United States market of 1958 and 1965 the UK market. But the Model Crown failed to enter the United States, because the car is designed for the Japanese market, are not designed for the roads free of the constraints in the United States. Finally, Toyota Corolla make in 1968 and achieve success so that they can shift Volkswagen as the number one imported car in the United States. Even penetrate the heart of the city United States by cooperating with General Motors to Toyota in the United States. Camry is a car with tersukses sales in the United States in 1997. Toyota is now reaching the business to other sectors, namely financial services, telecommunications, housing, machinery navy, recreational boats, the distribution of parts and flight services. Now Toyota is the number three car maker in the world after General Motors and Ford. Yoyota have to sell 5 million vehicles per year.
Pierre Omidyar started the business with a degree in computer science. He was interested in developing the technology for different products and consumers love the idea that he can take the concept with all the way through the delivery of products to consumers, and their reaction shows and changing them. Internet gives you a place to do it, because you can publish software quickly, you can get a reaction from your customers quickly and Andapun do know if the error quickly. He thinks, how the auction in Paris of participants do not go to Paris, but in their homes or offices in each. Finally Omidyar founded on the Internet auction company with the name eBay in 1995. Before Omidyar founded eBay with i establish eSharp, which provide experience as Entrepreneurs. eBay is a company that relies on trust. Imagine! People want to pay what dilelangkan with only see an image only. Without trust this company will not run. Net income more than three times reached 1.35 million dollars in the third quarter of 1999, with sales increased to 58.5 million dollars. The amount of that conduct registration on the site eBay increased from 5.6 million to be 7.7 million compared with the previous quarter and increased 1.3 million dollars in the same period the previous year. Penjulan value of the goods on the web site jump from 195 million dollars into 741 million dollars. eBay auction is the best company in the Internet in 2002, the magazine version of Yahoo.

About what makes you great. What separates you and I made history as Entrepreneurs "said Anita Roddick. With his history of love that environment ultimately make the concept of "natural", to make herb-pure ingredients, do not test on animals and friendly to the environment and indigenous population, where the herb-derived ingredients. With almost no advertising at all but with the publicity that is very passive, The Body Shop has become one of the legends of the world.

Ir. Ciputra start a business with the education field of architecture and properties, because it of Architecture faculty alumni ITB 1960. Ciputra now as the President Director of PT Ciputra Development (CD) and President Commissioner of PT Jaya Realty (JR) and the CEO off the public's best 1997 version Sembada Swa magazine.

My education after completing a Master of Arts Management with friends established the Masters of Business Administration, in cooperation with the West Coast of the Institute of Management and Technology, Australia and Warnbrough University, the United Kingdom before any regulations on the MBA program. Once the rules are and then establish a Master of Arts Management Program at STIE "Artha body Iswara" Surabaya. Currently, students Magister Management Program is about 1000 students, perhaps the Master's Program Management that the number of students in Indonesia. So Andapun can start your business with education, and when the course.