Friday, November 14, 2008

How ShareThis Success on the Internet (Part 3)

After posting our previous investigation of how the Internet can make us a respite and business traffic as a key online business, we are now talking about how the recent terror business online.

Several people commented on this blog that it seems easy to build a business online. Average mention the reason because they are right. Need to learn so much about things that do not ever know, it may not be heard. Technicalities kinds ping, appeals, RSS feeds or other creepy sounds in the ear that we fear more step.

"The taste is a sophisticated business once. What can I? "Maybe it's the mind settle in our minds.

Indeed, sometimes there is a fear that when we want to start something on the outside that we already know. In ourselves, there is a kind of defense system that always hold that we do not depart from the conditions that are prevalent.

Maybe the conditions we enjoy today is not so comfortable, but we made not a whisper-whisper disseminator of doubt in ourselves. That ultimately make us afraid and step in the same condition throughout life.

Just a story, some time ago I met a mother who is aged further. Age above 50 years. Mother is on their life in one-one business: stall tent. In the small stalls selling various foods, he almost all his own process.

From the hard work, for me, mother, is extraordinary. He started activity before the Dawn terlelap still many people with the dream, and why towards the middle of the night when many people are already comfortable with the rest.

Through the business, without the support of husband, she is successfully raising children merely wayangnya. However, at the age of the parents I should just stay dinikmatinya course, the mother is still to perspire, sweat. Leaving the market to ask forgiveness away, cooking distributing goods, manage kiosk, and many other things that he did own. The aim is not more that the mother can still survive, pay rent and kontrakan rooms where the business.

It also tells the mother, when he has not sesenja now, he never intends to open another business. But he hit about as the reason for the above: only memasaklah that he has the ability, while the overdo information age is to learn other things. Meanwhile, efforts to enlarge the kiosk, he hit from the capital that never collected.

A valuable lesson from the experience of picking my mother's life is the readiness of the need to design our future as well. And dare to learn outside of what we know.

Back to the matter of online business, when you step in doubt only because the terms of the technical world of the Internet to create headaches, I think it is not the right reasons. Because there is no possible in this world. All knowledge can be learned. What is important is you have a strong determination not to surrender in the conditions that you passed.

Try to remember the moment. Are you still at the baby, think you can run and move like at this time? I think not. That all happened because in addition to the assistance of parents and the people around you, also owing to the will and determination you own. Every time you learn to walk, and then drop quickly, but then you rise again. Until finally you can walk like at this time.

Technical issues are important. But not the main. You can learn while you start to build your business online. Most importantly, you have a strong determination to do business online. So that you can trek to design the future that is more promising.

Of course, the courage needed to get started. And indeed, courage is one of the basic capital business success. Without courage, there will not be the first step and the next steps until you toward the goal.

Suggestions I do not wait until you become a specialist Internet to start a business online. Now you can also start immediately. Remove doubt yourself for success in this business.

If you still do not dare to start a business online, you need to read the easy way avoided the failure of the Business Internet. For those who already have a blog, it is important also know what is lacking from your blog.